Definition, Types, and Social Problem Solving Efforts

Social problems is a condition that was born from a society that is not an ideal situation. That is, as long as a society still found the unmet needs of society equally, then the social problems will always exist. In a heterogeneous society like in Indonesia, will certainly encountered a lot of social problems.

Definition of Social Problems
Soerjono Soekanto define social problems as a discrepancy between the elements of culture or society, which endanger the lives of social groups. Elements that exist in society may interfere with social relationships if you have a friction or clash. As a result, the life of a society or group will falter.

These social problems arise due to the occurrence of significant differences between values ​​in society with the reality or the reality of the matter in the field. The existence of social problems in a society defined by the community itself, usually by an institution that does have special authority, such as community leaders, community meetings, social organization, or government.

Types of Social Problems
Social problems encountered in the community are usually very diverse. However, the fact that diversity of social problems can be categorized into four main factors, namely as follows.

- Economic factors, usually in the form of poverty, unemployment, and so on.
- Cultural factors, usually in the form of divorce, juvenile delinquency, and so on.
- Biological factors, usually in the form of infectious diseases, food poisoning, and so on.
- Psychological factors, usually in the form of neurological disease, a cult, and so on.

The existence of social problems in public life can be known by several processes and analytical stages. Analytical stage is done by making a diagnosis. The process of this social problem diagnosis can be performed using two approaches, namely Person Blame Approach and the system blame approach.

Person Blame Approach is an approach to understanding the social issues that are at the individual level. That is, the unit of analysis is the individual's primary. From this analysis process can be known causes of social problems at the individual level. Usually, the cause of social problems at this level of physical and psychological conditions of each individual.

Meanwhile, the second approach, namely system Blame approach, an approach that makes a system that is used in society as the primary unit of analysis. Of the two approaches before it can be concluded that social problems could arise because of "mistakes" individuals and "fault" system in a society.

Social Problem Solving Efforts
Social problems as a condition or state of a society that can interfere with the realization of social welfare would require a handling, repair, and alteration. Well tackling social problems should be done by involving the government and society itself for maximum results.

Social problem-solving efforts can be done in two ways. First, the state makes a social policy that truly accurate based on current data and information. Second, these social problems can be solved by collective action by communities so as to create a society that is more ideal conditions.

As revealed by Kotler's theory, that humans can easily make improvements to the conditions of social life as long as willing and able to organize collective actions.
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