Hookers: Born as a Social Phenomenon Because of Economic Issues

Indonesia is a country that most people still uphold the values ​​of oriental. This taboo in this country is still quite a lot. Customs and cultural and religious rules are not written down are also still common. Society such as Indonesia seeks to preserve cultural values ​​and customs are good.

It must be recognized in everyday life, prostitution is one thing yag regarded as pariahs or social ills. Especially if we're talking about businesses such lust. Prostitutes as the figure behind the business goes "dark" is not able to escape from a bad public image.

Identical prostitute with a bad image because no other good values ​​in societal life that they violate. Prostitutes have been regarded as violating religious norms, customs, and the eastern boundary is the identity of the Indonesian state. These things and regulations that is the fundamental reason for the bad image of the prostitute in the society.

Prostitutes are also considered as carriers of sexually transmitted diseases in society. Social burden of prostitutes increases when they are also regarded as a usurper and destroyer of her household, and the destroyer of the dignity of women. Prostitutes are always identical to one sex, namely women. The situation is very unfair, but the fact that there is indeed so.

Prostitution in Indonesia
Prostitution is a business that never deserted enthusiasts. This business is a social phenomenon that will continue to exist and rolling with the flow of time. Economic problems is the fundamental reason of any business. Hungry and all that is not free to be the reason why this business priorities still much cultivated.

Prostitution in Indonesia is nothing new. Prostitution has existed since the colonial era first. Since Jakarta is still called Batavia. At the port of Batavia is an international trading port. The rise of buying and selling, import-export activities conducted by the entrants automatically participate enliven the port.

The number of parties who come from various countries spurred the presence of prostitution in Indonesia. Lust needs business people buying and selling will inevitably have to be met, and the opportunity that's being used by the business of prostitution to begin to open his business.

Prostitution in Jakarta continues until the Dutch colonial era. This is because the number of European and Chinese women less than men. A fundamental reason for a human.

It was prostitution in Indonesia especially in Jakarta Central Jakarta area centered precisely in the area of ​​Macao Po. From this area, prostitution in Jakarta continues to grow and spread in other areas. Places of prostitution compete and replace each other, progressing never quiet.

Apart from the number of women less than men, the problem of poverty is also a teaser for the many women go into prostitution. Poverty is a state that can not be separated from the state of Indonesian society during the colonial era, even today. The reason poverty is also a perennial reason why prostitution is still rampant today.

The prostitutes seemed to feel safe when they're behind those reasons. As if forgetting that the money could be sought in other ways a more lawful and higher degree. Ease of doing business has also become the next reason why prostitution in great demand.

Roughly speaking, the women were just simply disposed of the body sexy, exciting makeup, and shame that have already been washing away.
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