Socio-Cultural Phenomenon of Globalization

Globalization is a phenomenon of the collapse of the geographical boundaries of a country. Then it happens that the displacement values ​​between one country to another so easily. That is why, socio-cultural globalization is likely to occur in addition to the globalization of information and trading products.

But unfortunately, the outflow is often only benefits one party and harm the other party. In terms of international trade for example, the capitalists exploit this globaisasi to market its products to several countries that are less productive. Similarly, in the realm of socio-cultural, socio-cultural globalization is happening is a great potential for the emergence of neo-imperialism. Could you become a victim of the neo-imperialism?

Raced In Globalization
Currently the process of globalization has plagued almost all over the world. All kinds of traffic in and out in a country difficult to dammed again. As if the world has become a racetrack. In other words, there are countries that win, there is also a defeated country.

If you have this, globaphobia be something scary for those countries 'small.' And his unique, most of the globalization process is underway with a fun way. You need proof? Would not you feel happy if it can buy a bag and a blouse zandra vivian from Paris? Are not you tempted by cellular phone from China that cheap but still capable and beautiful? Hmmm...

Social and Cultural globalized
There are so many socio-cultural phenomenon of globalization is happening around us, without us realizing it. If the socio-cultural previously limited to one country, now it's social culture has been transformed into a discourse of the world. Here are a few:

1. Gender Mainstreaming
Gender mainstreaming is an attempt to popularize gender discourse which then make changes in it. Social phenomenon that originated from the west is also being passionate warm in our country, Indonesia. Gender itself is the inherent nature of men and women, where the trait is the result of construction or shape of the environment. Automatic, gender is different from one region to the other. Such is the habit of working in the family.

In Bali, which is responsible for looking nafkan family is the wife. While in Java, earning a living is the duty of husband. Different areas to those in America and Europe, husband and wife have an equal role in making money.

2. The Pattern of Eating Junk Food
Knowingly or not, now fast food already familiar in our tongue. Be it a burger, pizza or fried chicken. Where previously we simply with sour vegetables and fried tempeh, but now what happens? At a minimum there must be processed chickens in our portion. Junk food is tasty, but the impact is not as good as it feels you know. Because in the long term, junk food can make you sick kidney disease, stroke, disorders of the brain cells and others.

3. Trends and Fashion
Ah, too easy to show how the style looks we are driven by the fashion of other countries. Clothing that seemed forced to openly come to the overalls that cover their whole bodies. All are from outside the country. Consider, Indonesia Are there people who wear their area in everyday life? If it exists, would be very ridiculous is not?

Okey, now you already know that the social and cultural aspects of it really has been globalized. And even you have also noticed that during the time we have become victims of imperialism in other countries. You definitely do not want to constantly parrot the other countries is not it? So, What next?

Yup, you are fine to follow the culture and customs of other countries, but do not just swallow it raw. Adjust first with Pancasila plus your religious values​​. If the contrary, resist it. But if not contradictory, and you feel comfortable with it, continue...

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