Understanding the Definition of Art According to the Experts

As with other social science concepts, art is a branch of science that has a multi-interpretation. This is evident from the number of terms of art according to experts who define the art of diverse viewpoints. They translate the art seusi with their scientific backgrounds who see the art can enter into various disciplines of science.

Differences understanding of art according to these experts, not only in Indonesia alone. Many scholars who translated the meaning of art according to their point of view. However, this would indicate that art has a beauty that is as varied as the interpretation of art itself, which will also vary.

Therefore, by understanding the diversity of art according to these experts, we can explore in depth understanding of art. Thus, in the future will be found some of the benefits of art for the benefit of mankind itself. So that art will not only be considered as a way to entertain people or the media pengekpresian themselves alone.

Understanding Art
There are several pengetian art experts say that many of the campaigners used as reference art. Among them are the opinion delivered by:

- Ki Hajar Dewantara
Understanding the art according to the father of Education Indonesia are all human activities and actions that arise from the life and feelings as well as having the beauty of nature so as to move the feelings and soul.

- Prof. Drs Suwaji Bastomi
According to him, art is seen as an inner activity that is based on the aesthetic experience is embodied in a beautiful form. So that the embodiment is able to cause a sense of awe and compassion for those who enjoy it.

- Drs. Sudarmadji
Art is a collection of spiritual realization and aesthetic experience realized through the media field, line, color and texture of the volume of the composition of dark light.

- Encyclopedia Indonesia
Art is everything that is tangible or intangible, that is able to bring a beauty so everyone who watched or listened to would feel happy.

- Schopernhauer
These experts see the art from the standpoint of musical art. According to him, all the process of creating art is a form of fun. So, everyone will feel happy on the art of music, because though it may be abstract but music is part of the art.

- Eric Ariyanto
Art is a spiritual or mental activity manifested in the form of work sehngga able to arouse feelings of others who are watching or listening.

- Alexander Baum Garton
Art is a thing of beauty and art is a positive goal that can cause the recipient to feel happy.

- Emanuel Kant
According to the governance of this country, art is seen as a dream. Because, in art there is a formula that can not be realized in a tangible form

- Leo Tolstoy
Art is a process to bring back the sense of someone from what they've experienced in life.

- Aristotle
Art is a form of expression and the appearance that never experienced a deviation from reality. Also art is a process of imitation of nature.

Branch of Art
Broadly speaking, the art has four main branches. Where from each major branch of this in the future will be reduced to some kind of experience every time based on the progress of the development of culture in the communities at particular times.

The four main branches of the arts, among others are:

- Arts Music
Branch of this art is a reflection of the delivery work of art using the medium of sound. Whether through a human voice that called the song, or sound that comes from a variety of musical instruments.

- Art Motion
The meaning of motion from the standpoint of art is an attitude and cause rhythmic beauty of the composition. In the art of this motion, must include the components of rhythm, movement, expression and appreciation of which is covered in a single entity together. Therefore, four things are key to an art movement that can be said to be beautiful.

One of the art of motion is the art of dance. The art of dance itself be interpreted as a manifestation of the emotion that poured out all the pressure on body shape anggaota motion carried on a regular basis and contain a harmony between the rhythms and musical retinue.

- Performing arts
Art plays almost the same as the art of dance, because in both there is the concept of motion. Only, on the motion which carried dramatic art is the motion of intent containing or acting. In one of the existing art of mime drama, all the process of delivering the dialogue carried out with a gesture that must be interpreted individually by the audience.

- Fine arts
Fine art is one branch of art which can be realized. In a sense, this artwork can be enjoyed directly with the sense of sight. Fine art itself is often interpreted as a reflection of inner as well as aesthetic experience conveyed in the media line, volume and composition of the dark color of the light. Examples of the fine art of them were painting, poetry, sculpture or even short stories.

Function Art
There are two functions of art in general, namely:

- For individual interests
In relation to the individual, the art of giving a role in creating human civilization. In addition, the presence of human art could shed them in a positive emotional element.

- For social purposes
In the social field, the art capable of coloring a human life, as seen in various places of worship of human art of architecture. Art is also presented as a venue for religious and moral message to humanity. Through art as well, we can convey the message of character to support the public education process.
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